Winter Woman (Single)

by TV's Kyle

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released December 18, 2016



Track Name: Winter Woman
(Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduth
A champion of justice and a champion of truth
For those of you for whom winter has gotten you down
She’s gonna super saveytimes your snowed-in town.

If you’re freezing off your parts,
she will warm you with her heart
She’s Winter Woman!

If there’s road salt on your jeans
she will zap those suckers clean
She’s Winter Woman!

When your windshield’s flocked with frost,
She will clear it at all costs!
When you find snow that is yellow,
She will scold that cheeky fellow!

When the air is getting dry,
She will moisturize your thighs!
She’s Winter Woman!

(Second verse, same backing track!
‘Cause Kyle is getting tired and this song is kinda whack.)

When your nose is getting snotty,
she will heal you with her body!
She’s Winter Woman!

When you’re slipping on the ice
She’s got a saving-you device!
She’s Winter Woman!

If your car’s slow to warm up,
She will fix the issue. Yup.
When it’s getting dark too soon,
she will bring you constant noon.

She’s the champion you need
And the hero you deserve
When there’s messy snowy roads
and you kinda gotta swerve.
She will plow them in an instant
then take you out for soft serve

She’s Winter Woman!
She’s Winter Woman!
The winterest of women I’ve known!